mardi 15 avril 2008

User Interface Software Engineer

Assez impressionnant ce qu'il faut maitriser pour postuler chez Google Gmail Team. En plus d'être designer il faut avoir un bagage technique non négligeable ( c'est le moins que l'on puisse dire ). 4ans d'expérience en Ajax !!! Cette technique c'est imposée assez récemment pourtant. Des projets signifiant en C++,, Xul..... Bon à part John Maeda je me demande qui peux prétendre maitriser tout ca. Il faut que je pense sérieusement à continuer mes études au M.I.T si c'est le cas. lol

User Interface Software Engineer

You will specialize in building responsive and elegant web UIs with AJAX and similar technologies. Some examples of Gmail UI engineering projects: Gmail chat, the Gmail iPhone interface, conversation view (a.k.a. threaded emails), custom "From" addresses, high precision user-perceived performance analysis &optimization, complete AJAX architecture redesigns to make the codebase modular and highly extensible -- basically, all the parts of Gmail that you see when you sign in.


  • 4+ years JavaScript/HTML/CSS ("AJAX") experience
  • Significant development experience in C/C++ or Java
  • Experience with server-side web frameworks such as JSP or ASP.Net
  • Expert HTML, JavaScript, and CSS Skills
  • Deep experience designing modular, object-oriented JavaScript
  • User Interface design knowledge a plus
  • Experience with UI frameworks such as XUL, Flex, and XAML a plus

This position is available in Mountain View or Zurich. If you are interested in working from another Google office, you may still apply below. You'll interview with a wide range of Google engineers, not just Gmail engineers, and be eligible for a position on any team at Google.

To apply, submit your resume and info: